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Children's Aikido Classes

Sensei Bill has been making martial arts fun for kids in the Redmond area for over 20 years.       

He has led national aikido seminars demonstrating his unique ability to imbue fun and joy 

into his children's martial arts classes while also instilling the traditional aikido skills of respect, tolerance, health, focus and integrity into every class.  Classes are fun and athletic, yet serious: run with the constant interest in obtaining honesty, compassion and empathy for others as lifelong skills.

Step 1: Teaching focus, teamwork, and awareness through games.

Step 2: Teaching focus through creative visualization

Step 3: The resulting reward of success.

Why Aikido is Best for Children

Aikido Academy children's program offers a non-violent, peaceful practice       

that encourages self-control, focus, and an attitude of teamwork. 

We make focus fun!

What do kids do in aikido class? 

  • Traditional aikido rolls, flips, katas and physical exercise

  • Play fun, focus-oriented games

  • Learn impulse control and how to work with potential altercations

  • Laugh a lot

  • Improve their ability to concentrate in aikido and in school

  • Learn that mistakes are ok and how we learn new skills

  • Improve their confidence levels and self-esteem


Focus: A Powerful Tool For Life

At Aikido Academy our curriculum has helped children improve their focusing skills. By incorporating plenty of positive reinforcement and fun focusing games with the techniques of aikido, we have been able to help our kids achieve a better level of focus at home and in the classroom.

Confidence and Self-Esteem: The Happiness Builders

In aikido, competition is self-regulated. The only person a child is encouraged to challenge is him/herself. Here at Aikido Academy, we strive to bring out the best in each child, letting them know that it is okay to make mistakes. In fact mistakes are the only way we learn!

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