Tai-Chi and Qiqong Class

Introduction to Tai-Chi and Qiqong

The ancient answer to the stresses of the modern world.

Traditional Tai-chi, a noncompetitive martial art known both for its defense techniques and its health benefits, is combined with Qiqong, a holistic system of coordinating body movement, to create a unique training available only at Aikido Academy. As an exercise, this class combines gentle physical flow and stretching with mindfulness. Replace stress and tension with relaxed awareness by practicing this "Meditation in Motion".


  • Improves balance and control

  • Increases fitness and flexibility

  • Reduces falling risk

  • Reduces pain

  • Relieves stress

Tai Chi and Qiqong are considered to be safe for people of all ages as they do not cause excessive stress on muscles and joints

"37 Yang Short Form"

Demonstrated by originator,

Cheng Manching,

Chinese "Master of Five Excellences"  

Belly and Sacrum Connection
Two Weeks of Online Tai Chi & Qiqong 
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Gain Power by Understanding your Feet

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